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As a property manager, you know how damaging poor maintenance and cleaning can be to your property’s value. That’s why ZM Janitorial of Newport Beach offers property management teams the cleaning services they need to keep tenants happy, impress potential buyers, and increase the overall property values.

Under ZM Janitorial of Newport Beach, your property will partner with the world’s #1 rated brand in commercial cleaning & janitorial services. With our multi-tenant building property management cleaning services, you can expect only the best, smartest, and most efficient cleaning systems and solutions. We’ve been certified under the most rigorous accreditation program in our industry, and deliver customized plans and strategies for every site we work with.

Services Includes
  • Scalable Cleaning Plans. No matter the size, scope, or type of property you handle, we’ll have the experts, cleaners, and technology you need for a first-rate clean. From small commercial facilities to large-scale industrial sites, we’re built to handle every kind of property.
  • Targeted Cleaning. We’re experts in the areas where dirt, grime, and bacteria build up, and in the methods you need to fight their presence.
  • Regular & Intensive Floor Care. We offer day-to-day and advanced floor care for a wide range of surfaces, including carpeting, tile, concrete, marble, and hardwood.
  • Leading Disinfection. Our cleaners rely on the EnviroShield® system, our industry’s leading system for sanitation. With EnviroShield®, you’re protected against germs and bacteria via hospital-strength, non-toxic chemicals.
  • Green Cleaning Solutions. We use methods that reduce the use of harsh chemicals, improving site safety and boosting your property’s eco-friendliness.
  • OSHA Expertise. Our cleaning teams are made up of experts in OSHA regulations, keeping your property compliant with all health and safety standards.
  • Secure Cleaning Strategies. ZM Janitorial Services of Newport Beach is a bonded and insured commercial cleaning company.

Under ZM Janitorial of Newport Beach, your property management team won’t just receive superior cleanings, you’ll also receive superior customer care and support. Our motto is “Measurable Cleanings – Guaranteed Results.” We not only measure our work using detailed 50-point checklists, we actually guarantee each and every cleaning your property receives. No other property management cleaning service in the region offers a guarantee like ZM Janitorial of Newport Beach

Maintain and maximize the value of your property with the support of ZM Janitorial of Newport Beach. Call us today at (747)333-8772 to schedule your first assessment and start with our property management cleaning services.

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