Day Porter Cleaning Services | ZM Janitorial

These daytime cleaners are the crème de la crème of our staff. They are English speaking, polite and conscientious. They represent your company as well as ours. Depending on your facility’s needs, a comprehensive schedule will be generated and implemented.Our cleaners are committed to your facilities well being, communicating any issues of vandalism, broken fixtures or unusual activities they may encounter. Our cleaners are your eyes and ears while we’re on your property!

Day porters are often the unseen heroes of a facility. These valued team members clean, but they also help support the image of your facility and ensure that customers, employees and tenants are satisfied.

As one of our customers, you will find our consistent communication refreshing and our level of service outstanding. In addition to our meticulous general commercial cleaning services such as dusting, mopping, glass cleaning, bathroom cleaning and more, we can offer you full service cleaning

Services Includes

Delivery to include:

  1. Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Buffing
  2. Carpet Cleaning
  3. Window Cleaning

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